Between you and art, there's a bridge- Tienhsuart

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Photo Credit: Ismael Hernandez 

Hey there, fellow art enthusiast! A big, warm welcome to my little corner of the internet. 🌟

By day, I'm navigating the buzzing hive of a Silicon Valley tech company as a program manager, but when the clock ticks to adventure o'clock, you'll find me lacing up my hiking boots, paddling through serene waters, jet-setting to new horizons, getting lost in a good book, or swirling colors on a canvas.

My painting journey kicked off nine years ago in a charming adult studio class nestled in the aisles of Hobby Lobby. Fast forward through time and a whirlwind of creativity, and voilà—over 1000 paintings later, in acrylics, oil, and watercolor, I've inadvertently turned several friends' homes into mini art galleries. Oops!

Each brushstroke captures a snippet of my travels and the breathtaking beauty of nature. Whether it's the meticulous details of realism or the free spirit of abstract, my art is a ticket to memories and daydreams.

And guess what? I'm also soaking up the good vibes at the Sunnyvale Art Club, where I'm currently serving up smiles as the Vice President and Web Master. Fancy a splash of art in your life? Come join our vibrant artist community and let's make the world a canvas together! 🎨📚✈️🛶🏞️